Broken or Infected Computer?

Microtech To The Rescue!

Computer trouble crops up in both software and hardware. Sometimes, you've installed something and your system just hasn't run well since then. If you've been surfing unprotected on the Internet, it won't take long to load your system up with viruses and spyware.

Sometimes the problem shows up as soon as you hit the "on" button. Maybe the computer doesn't start at all, or beeps cryptically at you before shutting down again. Maybe you're suddenly hearing a whine or screech inside the box. Or you've discovered an alarming smell of burning plastic or electronics after the PC has been running for a while.

Use an expert, not a blindfold!

Whatever's wrong, you need to get it fixed. If you go looking, you can find an endless supply of half-answers and bad advice, from the Internet to your brother-in-law, to your teenager who has a friend who knows somebody who had just this same problem.

You'll end up wasting hours of your time on the chase, and worse still, you'll end up buying replacement parts that might not fix the problem. Or the new parts could be bad, too, but it's hard to tell unless you have a repair shop.

Instead, save yourself a lot of time and bring your computer to Microtech. We diagnose and repair computers all day long, year in and year out. We know how to test and replace components. We know what hardware is and isn't compatible with what you have. We know how to remove spyware and viruses, and help protect your system against reinfection.

Don't guess and hope for the best. Let the experts give you the right answer, the first time.

Microtech: Better than the rest

Take your broken PC to one of those discount big-box retailers, and you can count on nothing but silence from them for weeks. Their turnaround times are terrible, sometimes stretching six to eight weeks before you get your computer back. Got a question about the diagnosis? Too bad, because you won't be talking to the diagnostic technician. You'll be talking to some guy at the cash register who is either clueless, or is a department manager with no interest in tracking down answers.

If you bought your PC from a giant online vendor and need to get it fixed, have a telephone headset and a lot of patience! You'll be talking to a non-technical receptionist in an offshore call center, who will want you to do a lot of weird (and occasionally harmful) pre-repair activity. Then you'll send it back (you still have your original box, right?), and wait several weeks to discover that they just sent you a replacement computer, and all your programs and files are gone.

Not at Microtech!We fix everything right here in our shop. The person you speak with here will be either the technician who did the work, or someone else who knows what was done. No call centers, no strange requests, no irrelevant questions. Just competent help and accurate answers, FAST! Our average turnaround time is two to three days, for a repair!

There's no comparison... Microtech is the way to go.

Average turnaround time for repairs... two or three days!

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Have a total emergency? We can go even faster.

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Spyware & virus diagnosis and removal

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Startup problems of all kinds, found and fixed

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Hardware upgrades... new CPUs and memory can increase speed!

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