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Got multiple computers in your office? If you're like most places, you probably added a computer here and there, now and then, and an extra printer two months ago. Sometimes, after all those changes and additions, you end up with a network that just doesn't work quite as reliably or neatly as you'd like.

Whether you've got a hodgepodge that needs cleaning up, or you're buying the first set of computers that need to communicate with each other, Microtech can help you get connected. We can design an optimal solution for you, and then install (or reinstall) the devices, cables, routers and switches you need. We'll put everything in its place, from the wires to the network drives and shared folders.

Networks aren't just for offices!

Adding a new computer at home can give you more power and flexibility if they are connected. Share your printer. Share your files. Share the Internet.

We can help you get it done! You don't need to be a corporation to find professional network design and installation services.

Wi-fi for added flexibility!

Whether you're a home user or running an office, sometimes you just don't want all those cables and connections. Maybe you don't like the look of wires running through a room. Maybe you have a laptop that you want to move from place to place without losing your network connection. Or maybe you want to allow visitors easy access to the Internet.

Microtech has what you need. We can install wireless access points and set up your network to accommodate visitors. We can make your wi-fi setup safe from drive-by hackers, and if you want to allow public access to the Internet, we can set up firewalls to protect your own internal computers from visitors.

No matter what you need, come talk to us about it. From simple to complex, from a wi-fi backyard hotspot to lots of computers in a multi-story building, we're ready to get the job done.
Wired networks of any size... from design to hardware to software

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Wireless networks for home and office, public and private.

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Need wires and wireless both? We do that too.

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