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Broken computer?

If your computer isn't running well or is "dead on the desk", you need help right away. Most stores and manufacturers will make you wait for weeks before you get your computer back. That's ridiculous!

At Microtech, we know you need to get up and running quickly, and our service turnaround time is fast enough to help you do just that.

Whether it's software, hardware, or an unpleasant mystery that has your computer down, let Microtech fix it fast!

Need a new computer? The local solution is the best answer!

The giant retailers spend a lot of effort trying to sell you bundles of hardware and software that serve their own interests, not your computing needs. Between clueless salespeople and offshore call centers, you're pretty much on your own.

Looking for a great deal on a used computer? We have systems starting at just $175!

Why risk your money buying unknown equipment from the internet? Microtech has used systems starting at just $175! Unlike computers offered on community websites, our systems have been thoroughly inspected by expert technicians and are loaded with legal copies of the operating system. If you have any challenges, we'll be right here in the same place we were when you bought your system! Microtech is different. We listen to what you need, and custom-build systems to match what you tell us. We use quality parts from reputable manufacturers. If something goes wrong or if you have a question, we're here for you to get the problem fixed right away.

See what we can put together for you!

Looking for a network solution, wired or wireless?

Are you a small business looking for a way to create a wi-fi hot spot for your visitors to use? Did you just get a cable modem, and want to hook up more than one computer to the Internet in your home? Trying to figure out how to do both wired and wireless networks in the same place?

Microtech makes it simple. We can design and install a network to get you up and communicating no matter how many or few computers you have, no matter how unusual or ordinary your situation.

Let us hook you up!

Don't be a victim of spyware!

Spyware and other malicious software is common on the Internet, but don't despair! With some basic education, you can defend yourself against many of the ways that spyware attacks.

If your computer is already infected, we can make that nasty stuff go away. But either way, spend some time with Microtech and learn how to keep it off your system in the future! We're great teachers!

Come visit us!

No matter what kind of computer needs you have, we're here to help. Get in touch with us and discover why Microtech is one of Portland's oldest PC sales and support companies!

Choose your processor! Desktop PCs, professionally built to your specifications.
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Need a notebook?
We've got 'em
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Got a boat or RV?
Need more RAM or Disk Space?
We have it or can get whatever it is that you need!
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Make your backyard
a wi-fi hotspot!

Microtech will get it done.
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Hardware meltdown?
Spyware and viruses?

Microtech gets you up
and running again FAST!
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