Computer Tune-Up Special!

It's time to get your PC Running Smooth again!


Service inludes:
• Dust Removal
• Component Checkup
• Hard Drive Optimization
• Virus Scan*
• Spyware/Adware Scan*

• A $30 Savings!! •

*Additional fee for removing Viruses and Spyware/Adware.

Dust is your computer's enemy. It gums up cooling fans and acts like a heavy blanket wrapped around all those electronic parts trying so hard to stay cool. Even the cleanest houses and offices have dust in the air, and your computer is great at trapping out the dust as air flows through the case.

Viruses and spyware/adware can wreak havoc in all kinds of ways, such as stealing your identity, stealing your private information, and even loss of priceless personal data (eg. family photos and personal emails) due to hardware failure caused by viruses or spyware/adware.

So bring your computer in to Microtech and we'll get the inside clean and cool again. We have the tools and high pressure air to do the job right -- a little can of compressed air and a straw just doesn't cut it! We will also do a complete virus and spyware/adware scan to give you piece of mind knowing your computer is safe. If it does have an infection we can remove it for just a little more!

It's a small price to pay to get rid of a common cause for future trouble!

Weekly specials inside the store!

Every Monday, the store manager posts a special price or service deal in her office. Call us for details, and we'll let you know what she has for you this week!

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Choose your processor! Desktop PCs, professionally built to your specifications.
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Need a notebook?
We've got 'em
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Got a boat or RV?
Need more RAM or Disk Space?
We have it or can get whatever it is that you need!
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Make your backyard
a wi-fi hotspot!

Microtech will get it done.
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Hardware meltdown?
Spyware and viruses?

Microtech gets you up
and running again FAST!
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(503) 654 - 1688

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