Computer Lessons

Most people aren't computer experts. They have other jobs and hobbies, and use computers as tools to make their lives more productive or enjoyable.

If a computer breaks or needs an upgrade, it makes sense to bring it here to get fixed. After all, computer building and repair is what WE do for a living. But what if the problem doesn't directly involve repair and service?

What if you are getting your computer repeatedly cleaned and reset because of spyware problems? Wouldn't it be nice to know how to avoid getting infected in the first place?

Which cookies are bad and which are good, in your browser? For that matter, what ARE cookies, anyway? What is this "Bluetooth" thing you keep hearing about? How do you hook up USB devices and make them work?

We Know The Answer!

Come to us for help with all of that and more. We can schedule one-on-one meeting time to go over whatever you want to learn. Our technicians here are both knowledgeable and patient. If you're not a technical person, we can un-geek the subject for you and go at your pace, in your vocabulary.

Call us or stop by for more details, make an appointment and even bring your computer, if you like. You'll leave here with a new understanding!
Choose your processor! Desktop PCs, professionally built to your specifications.
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Need a notebook?
We've got 'em
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Got a boat or RV?
Need more RAM or Disk Space?
We have it or can get whatever it is that you need!
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Make your backyard
a wi-fi hotspot!

Microtech will get it done.
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Hardware meltdown?
Spyware and viruses?

Microtech gets you up
and running again FAST!
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